She Has Spoken!

I can definitely call myself a newbe in WordPress – just checked and got the feeling that a couple of hours doesn’ t qualify here as  too much of experience gained. Especially a couple of hours of silence. But i am getting there…baby-steps but on the right path…

Does feel a touch like an un-invited guest to a party that…ended up inviting herself! And still standing at the wall trying to figure out what is the best thing to do. Either keep sitting quietly with a possibility(a tiny one) to be noticed but still having hope not to get too much attention at the same time. Or shining brightly and being noticed by anyone and everyone in the room. At once! I think will stick to something in between…looking around and not exactly occupying the darkest corner in the room at the same time. The most important – to have an open mind and not to loose the ability to listen. Not just to be heard. And have an extra smile in my pocket. Just in case.

Plato believed an opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. Fancy to share yours?

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