“Yovano,Yovanke”(Йовано, Йованке) by Slavi Trifonov&Ku-Ku Bend

My all-time favourite Bulgarian (yes, I know it is popular also in the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and northern Greece) folk-song by my all-time favourite Bulgarian band. I think pretty much the only Bulgarian song I am able to sing along proudly (not because of any patriotic reasons but because have picked up  the lyrics). And really powerful one – tones, lyrics, yet heaviness and sadness is present.

A short “glance” in it in English:

Yovano, Yovanke,(a Slavic female name)
You sit by the Vardar, bleaching your white linen,
Bleaching your white linen, my dear,
Looking at the hills.
Yovano, Yovanke,
I’m waiting for you
To come to my home,
And you don’t come, my dear,
My heart, Yovano.
Yovano, Yovanke,
Your mother won’t let you go,
Come to me, my dear,
My heart, Yovano.

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