Sensual Blogging Award

It has been really sizzling for all my senses to be nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award. Thank you, Managua Gunn, much appreciated!

When nominated for the Sensual Blogging Award, the blogger must:

i)        mention the blogger that nominated them

ii)       nominate a dozen other bloggers, and

iii)     answer 7 sensual questions

iv)     use the nominating blog’s url to link from the award logo below when pasting (should be automatic). 


1. Most romantic memory

The first kiss. Yes, many moons ago.

2. Most sensual music

So rich and graceful, full of aromas and spices – Arabic.

3. Most sensual season

When late spring is tickling early summer.

4. Favourite flower


5. Favourite fruit

Do berries count? Because for my taste buds nothing can beat cherries. Well, almost nothing…

6. Best gift received

The love letter „OFFICIAL CORRESPONDANCE”…so precious and full of flavours from the most sensual man I’ ve ever known.  

7. Love is…

Yes, with him love really is.

CONGRATULATIONS to my  NOMINEES for the Sensual Blogging Award:

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