23 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Liquid

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  3. Tatsat

    I have never seen the ocean, or the sea. Never. And for those like me, it is kind of intriguing how we assume that there is so little water on the planet. That we just have people and places around us ( one gets into this more often, if in India, second most populous country ). But we also read that the 3/4th of earth’s surface is water.
    I hope I can see the ocean someday soon. Would be an exhilerating experience.
    Your pictures does bring out a thought or two from your readers 🙂


    1. I still remember seeing (or more like feeling) ocean for the first time in my life. It was in the USA when my friends had taken me there shortly before I was about to leave for home. Late in the night, complete darkness and the first thing I felt was the sand and something…really powerful nearby. Difficult to forget something so emotional. 🙂
      I hope you will see the ocean some day – i am sure it will be beautiful experience.
      Thank you.


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