Captured By The Devil

Every new day is different with you – so incredibly fresh. Laughing and teasing, making me wonder and want to search for more, to see what’ s there, beyond the surface. Since the very first day you have taken me on amazing journey, a breath – taking adventure where I am not only discovering and tasting you with an infinite curiosity, interest and temptation but also revealing things about myself. Like in a forest where I knew should have been just pines and a couple of birches but the further I walk, the more I feel and see another world all around. How would I have ever known it existed if not you?! And every new step is more  intense. Being wild, so free and desparately wanting to stay captured at the same time. We talked once you might be the most interesting man I have ever met…I wouldn’ t doubt that, Captain. Yet fascinating, electrifying and unique are the words that jump in my mind next to “interesting”…

Being us…it is not just spring coming right in the middle of winter, it is a hot summer deep in the jungles, a wild ride on the back of an untamed mustang, a rain storm starting unexpectedly turning the air white in a few seconds. Dazzling. Making me shudder. It is a night in a desert where the sand exhales heat of the sun long after it’ s gone. You can never keep me for too long because I want to be kept by you. Sometimes to fight, pain mixed with pleasure but to be kept. To be with you, in your arms. It’ s never too long because time with you just wraps up all the hours in one moment. And another. And another one. So sensual and fresh like the first heavy raindrops on face before the storm, like feeling the sand through my toes while walking in dunes. I don’ t see the time, nor feel it. It’ s not there. Not for me. Not when I am with you.

With your voice, breath…pauses you paint the pictures I love. The pieces of art you create with your writings. You touch me in so many ways the world hasn’ t even heard about. I am captured, almost hypnotized. And not afraid of the intensity, about the ocean wave sweeping me off my feet because I know you will be there to let me stay on the board. Even if teasing at first to see my ability to balance on it in the water, still there. It’ s trust. That deep trust that I don’ t doubt. You make me feel alive. And seeing I can make you feel the same way is…exquisite. I will be gentle…with tender kisses of the lightness of a butterfly to feel and to taste you, touches and caresses but there will be also fire inside. Sharpness of nails.  Flames of the jungle. In the moments it’ s expected the least.

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