29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved”

  1. I read an analogy to this state of being somewhere, and I am saying this because I better not take credit for that- one should be like these waves which rise only to fall and break down on those shores; only to rise again because death would be in not rising and not in breaking down …

    PS- I probably modified what was written there but its a beautiful thought nonetheless, isn’t it ? :)

    PPS- Belated Happy New Year :)


    1. A really beautiful comparison, Tatsat. What you wrote reminded me of other words: “Failure lies not in falling down, failure lies in not getting up”. There’ s so much truth in them. To keep going.
      And…Happy New Year to you! :)


  2. Love this Emerson quote “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


    1. Emerson has got it right (not that I had the slightest doubts he wouldn’ t have) :). I would say that pretty much everything in life comes through some difficulties. Just like a walk up the mountain…where one has to deserve the stunning look from above getting there. And then to continue…


  3. The combination of your resolution to never give up and the feelings inspired by the photo you chose to accompany it resonates with me. To me, it evokes being able to feel at peace in your heart while looking into the future, resolved to face a difficult situation head on. This can be difficult to master but necessary.

    I love the quote you use in your invitation to comment above! :)


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