24 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku *Seahawk*

  1. dulcinaandgnome

    I prefer your haiku to the photo, of course. A good camera can take nice images; a good poem depends on the writer, not on his pen… or mouse. Your three lines are excellent.


    1. Thank you very much for the comment, dulcinaandgnome. I wouldn’ t completely agree about the good camera taking nice photos…I might have been lucky once or twice with a great result just like that but generally… My way of looking at it – cameras don’t take photos, people behind them do.


    2. I think your comment was a little misunderstood – I agree with you. There is basically nothing that can filter or modify what comes from thoughts onto ‘paper’, but there is when it comes to sculpting, carving or clicking. There just is. No-one can clam to me that the same picture comes from an old mobile phone and from a trusted camera, that almost ‘thinks’ for its owner, and that has nothing to do with the precise technical specifications of the camera. I think I understood your comment a little better than others, especially as the photograph is not taken by Ese, and your comment leads on from the one before praising the picture at the expense of the haiku.


      1. I did not mean to stir up controversy here. I very much admire your writing skills and Ese’s. I definitely did not mean to take a thing away from your talents… however the initial comment sounded like a blanket put-down of photography. I’ve tried, but I fail to see how it could be interpreted otherwise. There are photographers I admire and I doubt I could match their skill with a camera, no matter what equipment I was to use. But I’m willing to let it rest.


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