When Words Are Not Necessary

What is the best way to say „I love you”? Is there the best way to say it at all? Maybe with that vocalisation of rain or the floods of the sun beams all over the windows, roofs and faces. Or with the last snowflakes whirling down under a lonely street lamp of a Northern town. That kiss, that so much longed for kiss. With the whole world at our feet standing on the top of a volcano. With the curves of the desert dunes of the Orient. My first Lapis lazuli in palm on a distant path somewhere in the Hindu Kush mountains. With all those sounds and noise of a crowded room where I would recognize even your shadow. With the last beats of a tango in a rustic bar. When it seems I don’ t have to say anything at all. When everything to be said can be read in my every move, caress, touch, in my eyes, in yours. In silence between words. In every smile and giggle. In every crushing “Goodbye”, even if it is for an hour or two.  In every moment of missing you. Clear or foggy, cold or hot, it must be said today, yesterday and tomorrow. A year ago. Two. A year ahead. And many more that can’t be counted. Shouldn’t be. Right now. In this very second. It’s mutual…the intimacy there could be just between 2 people – us. The feelings travelling two ways, with their own speed, strenght and intensity. Unpredictable. Poweful. Alluring. Dangerous. But there. One could call it the most powerful feeling. Or one could simply call it happiness.

Jane Birkin&Serge Gainsbourg Je T’aime

14 thoughts on “When Words Are Not Necessary

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