34 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku Special *Onitsura’s Camellia*

  1. Very soon you will be enjoying all those blooms and so much more daylight up until Jāņi. Our camellias are already blooming. Have been for about a month it seems. Unfortunately the rain which is still frequent this time of year turns the lovely blossoms brown and yucky looking.


    1. Oh, Gunta, if you knew how impatient I have become with waiting… 🙂 I do love that there’s a bit more light every day – those few hours of light during winter haven’t been my favourites.


  2. Thanks to ‘gone with tomorrow’ s wind’ I have Kate Bush ringing in my ears “Heatcliffe, it’s me oh Cathy I’ve come home…”
    Seriously though, this is lovely!


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