The Perpetual Paradox


It has always come along in such a different way. Sometimes like a sudden storm – so powerful that it just blew you off your feet. Or like noticing a certain flower in a meadow that you have walked through many times before but never had time to stop and really look around. To see. It might have appeared like a rainbow after the last raindrops have melted together in puddles. You just looked up and it was there – leaving you in awe. Or step by step, slowly…imagine climbing the mountain and not being sure what is waiting on the top and will you ever make it up there at all. One or another way you ended up realising it was there – in your life, and you were different. The same but verrry different.

You had let it in and were learning to keep walking ahead together. Learning to treasure the moment, to appreciate the different tones it added to your life. To giggle at twists and to knit your brows at turns. With all the “whys” disappearing…almost like those hasty trains that never stop in the small stations but just pass through. Because there’ s no need to. Because some questions in life don’ t have to be asked, nor can be answered. You open yourself and, though being more vulnerable than ever, you let yourself simply to be. To be a better version of “you”. To be able to do crazy things, like jumping in the fountain in the middle of the day not being concerned about how it makes you look. Or to smile out of the blue at strangers passing you by everywhere without being surprised at how natural is their smiling back at you. You catch yourself not only singing from the bottom of your lungs in the shower but also humming while walking down the street. Any street. Any time.

You want to whisper it softly and shout it out loud for the whole wide world to hear. You want to stop time because of the moment being so powerful but you can’t choose, getting lost in all that beauty. Lingering in another dimension. Being connected not by some bridges but by reflections. The paradox of too many moments together and still not enough at the same time. The perpetual paradox. That crazy little thing called love…

30 thoughts on “The Perpetual Paradox

  1. Tatsat

    You really believe this is what happens ?
    Well, I do. But this is not the whole of the story. There is the other part, which is not so rosy. And maybe, rightly so. Almost like those movies whose first part I would love to watch but abandon the other half.

    PS- I do wish this was the whole of story. Secretly, I still have hopes πŸ™‚


    1. Tsk, tsk….this does feel a bit like deja vu type of conversation of ours, Tatsat, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚
      Do I believe…it’s fair to say I do otherwise it would have been a bit difficult to come up with the statements I did. It’s not rosy. In fact…most of the time it could be of very different shade than rosy but all of them beautiful by all means. We all are human beings, we have our ups and downs just like relationships do. Reality is…reality but not being a fairytale it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Keep your hopes up – things will happen. One or another way, of course πŸ˜‰


      1. Tatsat

        Yeah I do remember that conversation. Probably the pent up aggression comes out everytime I come across something about love. Apologies.

        I certainly hope that time changes my point of view. Would be difficult to spend a life this bitter. Hoping for things to turn around… Maybe it is going to take some time.


        1. I didn’t notice you being bitter or agressive – just giving another point of view πŸ™‚ Not the right one, neither the wrong one, simply different. And why not, considering that our opinions are formed in close connection to our personal experiences. Also…we do believe in what we do until something/someone proves us otherwise, don’t we?


          1. Tatsat

            Yeah. It is very difficult for us to dissociate ourselves from the experiences we go through. And, it is fair- because once you go through something and then come to a conclusion- you are confident about it. Even if it is for a small period of time.
            That said, keeping an open mind is a challenge in itself. I am trying hard πŸ™‚

            PS- I hate to put up a contrary point of view. Not many bloggers appreciate that these days…


            1. Well, you know how it is about minds…they are just like parachutes working only when they are open πŸ˜‰ So I would say you are on…not so bad path there!
              PS: I need to disagree with somebody and I am glad you are “providing” me this possibility πŸ˜€


  2. Your beautiful, heartfelt words, the song, touch very deep. I feel your shining and hear the music rising in you. You are in a most special and magic place and I share your wonder and happiness…


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