Līgo Haibun Challenge – Dewdrops


There was something so captivating I couldn’ t take my eyes off it. Transparent, yet so full of colours at the same time. I could almost see myself in it. Or the tiny part of the whole wide world. Mirroring. With all the fragrances of the meadow infused in one single drop – another perfection created by nature. Right in front of my face holding on up there, pulsating seamlessly on the very tip of the grass blade. Pure. Fragile. Ripe. Trying to fight gravity. I held my breath – time had stopped in that very moment, right before…the inevitable. Touch of the very first sun beam was too much for it to bear, so with a soft shudder the slide down began. Smoothly, gracefully. And, though I was more than tempted to catch it and feel the bursting wetness on my fingertips, I let it reach the ground. And disappear like it had never existed.

just through night till dawn
too beautiful to last longer
life of a dewdrop

Līgo Haibun Challenge


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