Līgo Haibun Special

“LĪĪĪGOOOO!” I shouted from the top of my lungs as we jumped over the fire and I felt the flames reaching the part of my body polite people usually avoid mentioning in public. This was the 5th time and I knew we had many more to go. After all I had lost the bet: how could I have possibly known he would agree to be a part of that nude run across the bridge?! But he did! And even won to be crowned, though I am still not sure if because of coming in the first or for some other quite…um…obvious reasons. So, now, for the rest of the night, I was about to surrender to making the fruits of his fertile imagination ripe. Jumping over the fire was only the beginning. Ah, and the ancient story about searching and finding the only blossoming fern in the Līgo night…it turned out to be true. Surprisingly enough, without any connection to some botanical phenomena…

shortest night of year
fern blossom uncovered
-last glowing ember

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Līgo Haibun Special

7 thoughts on “Līgo Haibun Special

  1. wonderful haibun.. you really made the festival sound like so much fun! oh i so wanna experience that too.. the festival, not the running ’round naked ^^ wonderful, enjoyed this haibun 🙂


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