A Beautiful Mess

You know, I am one of those people who can hardly do anything without music on the background. And there’ s no difference – either it’ s making numbers match in some charts or a long drive from one place of work to another, an early morning or the deepest night, I just need sounds of music. To feel. To enjoy. To boost my energy. To sing along. Or simply to listen. And the favourites…they are so different depending on mood of the moment but some artists simply seem to be very much on time, always. Not so long ago I promised my blogging friend Tatsat to reveal a bit more of music that is close to my heart, so…here we go. The magnificent seven (well, eight if being clinically precise since I managed to get the “significant part” of The Rolling Stones together with U2):

7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

  1. Thank you for a fascinating and insightful 45 minutes of music Ese. It’s always enlightening to hear the playlists of others – as personal as poetry or visual art. Coldplay and Sting, classics. U2 and Jagger, what a powerful collaboration. Stereophonics, thanks for the turn-on, didn’t know their music until now. Katie M. just want to crawl through the speakers whenever I hear her sensual singing. Springsteen- powerful and so very soulful – and Jason Mraz – always brilliant and this video is tops. Your selection is beautiful but far from a mess – it’s an acoustic warp and woof of the tapestry of who you are…


  2. Tatsat

    Thank God you remembered 🙂
    I have been keeping track of Piano Guys ever since. All thanks to you.
    Will check out every single track you listed here ( of course, I haven’t heard a single one out of these 😦 ). Will ping you my favourite soon 🙂


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