Carpe Diem’ s Freestyle *Loneliness*

For this Carpe Diem’ s Freestyle episode I decided to follow example of Kristjaan Panneman (who really puts his heart and soul into making Carpe Diem happen) and to go with a Pi-ku instead  of haiku. A Pi-ku is in a way somewhat artificial haiku that with accordingly “three-one-four” scheme follows the number ‘PI’ which is 3,14 .

* * *
house is empty

* * *

Carpe Diem


9 thoughts on “Carpe Diem’ s Freestyle *Loneliness*

  1. I can so well empathize with you … a few weeks ago all my kids were not at home, my youngest daughter was going to live with her boyfriend and my youngest son was on a holiday with a friend. So our house was empty … and for sure it felt very strange


  2. Thank you…your sigh of sadness would be my sigh of contentment.Our differences are what make us unique and I understand the loneliness some feel in an empty house.


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