A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Roof

May the roof above you never fall in and may you both never fall out.


Looking down on Marseille, France


A bit of St.Stephen’ s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria


Walking through the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum in Riga, Latvia


Roofs of Bergen, Norway


Patterns of Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary


One of the medieval wooden stave churches in Norway

No known roof is as beautiful as the skies above. /M.O’Muircheartaigh/

A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Roof


20 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Roof

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  3. that was fun traveling the roofs of the world on your blog, loved the patterned roofs
    I’m inviting you to link up to Travel Photo Mondays, the link is up all week, hope you can join us..


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