The Līgo Haibun Challenge – The Shudder Before…


This week there’ re two prompts for the Līgo Haibun Challengeillusion or ecstasy. As you read on, the true colors of the one I have chosen should burst out…

Morning, day or night…rather difficult to define after the ways we discovered and tasted each other through all the different time zones. The empty pillow on your side of the bed is still radiating warmth. The masculine scent of yours sinking deep inside me…everywhere…even in the places I never knew existed. Touches from the last night with the amplitude of sensuality too intense for any radar to catch. Your whispers that teased, tickled and tormented in the whirlpool of pleasure. Taste of your lips still so much there, on mine, your sighs echoing all the way through my body. My moans tangled with yours. The way our bodies moved…like waves of the ocean, one after another with rising intensity. Brushing, sliding, trembling, thrusting…tattooing your lust between my thighs. Every kiss deeper and wilder than the one before, every touch from the tenderness of butterfly caresses to the wildest untamed ones, with my nails digging into your flesh. Signatures of love all over skin. Yours. Mine. The map of passion you imprinted in me. Again. And again. Sailing through all the corners of the world of desire. Only the letters of our names visible on the compass. Every single parallel and meridian pulsating so strongly it could almost be heard. North, East, South, West melted together. Magnetized. The time zones lost. Seas ran off their shores. Deserts, oceans, glaciers turned into a hot lava. Ecstasy vibrating in the air like the last shudder just before…

pulsating desire
in humidity of rainforests
a moan of ecstasy

The Līgo Haibun Challenge

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