The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Stuck


This is the “photo week” on the Līgo Haibun Challenge and my haibun…knitted itself around the photo above.

I had never seen him before and, I believe, never will again. But I remember, still today. And tomorrow, and days ahead I will because there was something about him. Something that makes you stop and stand there, between children’ s laughter and all the “Look, look at his face, he must be stuck!”. Something that makes those questions appear in mind, the ones you don’ t want to while happily strolling through the zoo. About fairness. And power. Also cruelty. There was lama on one side, unable to decide either hissing or pretending to be cute will get everyone’ s attention and a piece of something tasty along. On the other – the ship of the desert, gracefully looking from above while chewing on the last lettuce leaf. And then there was him…right in the middle of everything. Like a tired warrior, an ancient philosopher or a simple observer. Stuck? Maybe but not between those logs. Stuck in my memory. Silent. Stoic. Proud. Hopeful. Or hopeless. I will never know. And maybe I don’t need to…for my conscience at nights to sleep better.

buffoon for the crowd
remembering mountain slopes
when all is gone

The Līgo Haibun Challenge

19 thoughts on “The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Stuck

  1. summerstommy2

    This is lovely Ese. It reminded me of Ted Hughes poem, Jaguar, where the wild animal will always maintain its majesty no matter how we choose the confine it. Always, as in your image, it looks out remembering the place it has come from.


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