My Scoop – First Picture Of The Attack On Syria

Looks like things are heating up – here’s a picture I took today of a US Airforce plane just landing at Burgas airport, across the sea from Syria.

Burgas is a coastal city in Bulgaria, near Syria.

Can anyone tell me if this is a bomber or a logistics and supply plane?


9 thoughts on “My Scoop – First Picture Of The Attack On Syria

  1. Anja

    If its stopping to re-fuel or anything, it isn’t a bombing plane. We typically use jets and they can launch from other bases or Navy ships. Looks like supplies….also Bulgaria isn’t only used to head to Syria. We send troops and supplies daily to other places and you would be amazed at the places they stop. My ex is a Marine and has been in for 21 years. He has been to many areas there and would stop in many places during transit.


    1. I can assure you that Burgas is not a refueling centre, and was used as a hub for bombing missions to Iraq previously. Burgas is ideally located for missions into Syria. The reason many locations are selected is to try to ‘rope in’ as many small countries into a ‘coalition’ as possible, as well as not build too much infrastructure in one location – an easy target. Jets have limited range. Bringing an aircraft carrier close in range of Syrian missiles is reckless. My current man was in HM Coastguard, seconded to SBS special forces.


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