The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Battle Of Titans


The Līgo Haibun Challenge has invited us to think about our feelings on “Apathy” OR “Paradise” this week, and I am right on the path. About the first one.

I have felt it for quite some time – there, in the darkest corner of the room. Or in the puddles on the street. Between the supermarket shelves. Or under the bushes in the yard. Silent, lurking at me constantly and getting a touch closer. And a touch more. In an imperceptible way but still very assertively. Like a beast, thirsty for blood but waiting for the right time to jump.

No matter how much I try to move around or turn my back to it, to stare or pretend not to notice at all, its presence can’ t be avoided. Yet I make an effort to try to cause its starvation. I gathered around myself all the moments of warmth and light, held onto the touch of love, smiles, was embraced by memories but…it aways seems to find a way of feeding itself – a tiny tumble and is there to have a bite of the situation. Any questions or doubts raising in my mind were chewed by it, thoroughly. 

Though I had to give it credit about perfect timing – autumn, with so many fallen leaves to slip on and as many raindrops leaving grooves in one’ s soul. A time to hunt.

The battle of titans – my ego and stamina against its forces, neither of us ready to give up. Knowing there could be only one loser left behind. Me. Or Apathy.

battling myself
under the pouring rain
legend of the fall

The Līgo Haibun Challenge

14 thoughts on “The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Battle Of Titans

  1. Hello, Esenga. Your manner of expression made reading your haibun very enjoyable. I found myself relating and connecting to your written words. a perfect closing haiku, embodying the emotion completely!


  2. twoscamps

    This was beautifully written. Your words flow and enchant. Those feelings that lurk with the change in season….. and then your haiku! I no longer feel so apathetic, but rather inspired.


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