Sunday Stills Challenge: Creepy Things

“What makes you feel at unease, what makes your skin crawl? What gives you the creeps?” are the questions Ed is asking this week. After some thinking these are the answers I came up with…





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17 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge: Creepy Things

  1. As soon as I saw Ed’s challenge my thoughts went to SNAKES! But I don’t have any photos of them, or do I? I will have to check my shoebox. Anyway thank you for posting a great example of what I find creepy 🙂
    Jude xx


    1. Thank you, Drake – this was one tough, yet interesting prompt to think of. But snakes definitely had to be there – I knew that at once. Trolls….well…maybe cute but there’ s something about them that doesn’ t “click” with me. 🙂


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