The Līgo Haibun Challenge – One More Last Time


There are two prompts for the Līgo Haibun Challenge this week:
Fascinating   or   Torture.
Must admit I am amazed by how much there’ s under the surface of a human heart. Usually we choose not to talk about the most but sometimes emotions pour out. Just like that. Even if torturing…

They say family is supposed to be a fortress, well…they are right, in a way at least. But sometimes the walls around are not to protect but only to hide. And to keep up appearances for as long as possible.

Looking in his eyes I knew he would leave. Today, tomorrow, in a week or with the best of luck – after a month, but deep down inside I alway knew he would. There was a hinge of coldness, almost cruel one in his otherwise warm eyes, possessing the color of an oak-tree bark. And those words with a sudden sound of a broken glass that sneaked in our “father – daughter” conversations. That tiny “something” that kept me from pendulating and strenghtened belief he would take the first chance possible to step out. Or to step aside since he returned every time. Again and again. Sometimes to stay for so long I almost fell for his forged “never again” but reality proved me wrong.

I understood it needed time…everything did. For me to patch up my wounds, for him – to find another escape code, for everyone else – to keep pretending everything was fine. Time. That small word with the power of destruction, with an echo that nothing could silence. My most detested enemy.

Counting. Secretly counting. From…to…

continuous draught
in imaginary fortress
no place to hide

The Līgo Haibun Challenge

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