Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai *Lighthouse*

The rules for this episode are the following:
– to write a haibun in a maximum of 150 words, including the haiku
– to use the five words “harbor”, “lighthouse”, “fishermen”, “cliff”, “moon” in it.

The fishermen were returning to the beach. It was a chilly but sunny portuguese evening, the moon just a faded imprint in the sky. They jumped out of their boats and pulled them up the wet sand, in big rubber boots and tight-fitting dark overalls, bare-chested, muscles tightening as they hauled their boats up. I breathed in their masculinity from across the road, my skirt fluttering a touch in the evening breeze, as they tied the boats firmly to metal rings on posts in the sand.

I felt sensations of desire and closed my legs lest the wind blew in a gust too sudden to keep my skirt down, and looked across to my travelling friend, Kristine. Her face was flushed.

Across the harbour, the large lighthouse set on a cliff switched on, its tip glowing in light. I went back to the hotel and took a warm shower.

boats tied up on shore
fishermen walk past the evening sun
goosebumps on my thighs

Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai

4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai *Lighthouse*

  1. I’ve used a few of these words in the last couple of posts and/or comments strangely enough. Probably need a short tutorial to do this one. LIke it though…quite racy with the other set of words there (wet, rubber, tight, bare, thighs…)


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