Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

Another Friday is here what means it is also time for a new Līgo Haibun Challenge. Welcome! It was a true pleasure to read the entries from the previous week – such a variety of original and unexpected interpretations. I hope you enjoyed writing your haibun as much as I enjoyed reading them!

We have compiled a list of Honourable Mentions below:

Sun: powerfully-written and intense. A stark haibun felt to the bone.

Yarnspinner: we particularly liked his haibun about disconnection with nature because of the role nature plays in haibun.

Al: an endearing snapshot of childhood.

Bjorn for a haibun with darkness, or light at the end of the tunnel, depending on the way to look at it. Written in the third person, but it needed to be.

Ese: original and intimate, with well-written haiku.

And now – the prompt words for this week:
Treasure           OR           Despair.

Your can find out more about haibun here: What Is A Haibun?
Let your imagination flow  and don’t forget to add your haibun to the Inlinkz collection, please! Good luck!


17 thoughts on “Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

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