The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Sense Of Home


This week there are two prompts for the Līgo Haibun Challenge:
Treasure      or      Despair.
After giving some thought to them I ended up at the place where everything usually starts from…

There have been roads, so many of them that all can’ t be found in my memory files anymore. The places pinned on the map quite a few times that the holes in the paper are supposed to tell stories of their own. About going away and returning. For a longer time and not so long but the feeling of coming back home has always been special. Like setting free from the rib cage a trembling sparrow…to finally let me breathe.

weary traveler
from all roads of the world
old one leads home

“Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together.” /S.Dessen/ Yes, I must admit it has hardly had anything to do with mind but everything – with heart. That tiny corner of the world where pieces of my life’ s puzzle are all over the place. Framed memories of the past, vibrating present and dreamy future. A bit dusty on the shelves, nicely hanging in the wardrobe, almost hidden behind the cupboard doors and forgotten under the bed. Yet all there, all so very much present.

Looking at the walls, I remember laughter of my friends trying to make the wallpaper stick. Deep conversations until the break of dawn. Celebrating ourselves and life. Finding peace in the flickering flame of the last candle. Things are not just things there, they are knitted together with feelings. Echoes of giggles and tears, sounds and silence, leaving and always returning. A part of me – the microcosmos, though connected to the big world out there, still having an order of its own. My treasure.

within four walls
i build the world of my own
the door is open

The Līgo Haibun Challenge

25 thoughts on “The Līgo Haibun Challenge – Sense Of Home

  1. What a lovely thought. I’ve always suspected that houses take on the spirit of the folks who have lived there. Some houses just have a warm feeling the moment you walk in, while others can be cold and forbidding. Something, some spirit left behind by previous inhabitants.


    1. Yes, Gunta, now when you mentioned it about some houses being warm and welcoming and the others – not so much, I have had the same feeling. And I try to stay away from the latter if I can 🙂


  2. paulscribbles

    Lovely piece of writing. I can’t help but laugh myself at the idea of wallpaper being stuck up with laughter 😉
    The Haiku at the end warms me to my bones.


  3. While in some respects one can only retrace certain paths that might lead to where they have once lived…if home is always in your heart and never left – there is no need to return because you are always there. My home is a lived in home, I know because the Kind and Queen of the Dust Bunnies have told me so. 🙂

    Thank you for being a host/judge for Ligo haibun. I will try to include your link. Is it possible for you to create a page for the Ligo prompts? That way they can be found easier. I do have your site book marked.


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