Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – Sounds Of Love


“Where did I go wrong?” he kept asking himself, looking down at the keyboard. Or what was left of it. Things had seemed so perfect. Every single feeling that had vibrated inside him while writing “Sounds of Love”, echoed through her fingertips as they danced gracefully over the black and white keys. Her quiet smile, the tantalizing way she played with a lock of hair as he told about the significance of muse in composer’ s life. His special someone, the mysterious girl from the house across the street who had been inspiration for all of his creations…. CRACK! The synthesizer had just hit the wall as he heard her footsteps halfway down the stairs.

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – Sounds Of Love

  1. I think that comes under the heading of ‘too much information’. 🙂 You can hardly blame the girl I guess. Well done. I don’t recall seeing you on here before Ese, just on the photo challenges, so if it’s your first time – welcome. If not, sorry for my lack of attention. 😉 The sentence that begins ‘every single feeling he had had’ could be expressed as ‘every emotion he’d experienced/felt’ thus saving a couple of words and avoiding the duplication of ‘had had’. Great take on the prompt.


    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Sandra – was helpful for me to make a bit of changes!
      I have written before for FF – not regularly but sometimes when the photo “speaks” to me. It is always interesting to challenge myself and to see where it starts and goes…


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