Līgo Haibun Challenge – Für Elisa


There are two proverbs to choose from for this week’ s Līgo Haibun Challenge:
It is not enough to know how to ride – you must also know how to fall. – Mexican Proverb
It is solved by walking. – Algerian Proverb
For a while I couldn’ t see too clearly where any of these prompts could take me until I received a message on my mobile this morning: “Thank you for yesterday – you charged my batteries of joy but I don’ t think they will last till January.” January is all another story but in that moment the words I wanted to say had finally found me…

I must admit we have really walked together. Quite a lot and quite…everywhere! I looked back, trying to do some maths on the walks we have shared, and the number “13” was the one that came up. 13 years. No, I won’ t say it seems like yesterday because it doesn’ t and couldn’ t anyway. It seems exactly like 13 rich and colourful years where our lives have crossed in all the possible and impossible ways.

of all the people
we had to meet
for the lone street
to enliven

Funnily enough for the first time we met on stairs, and since then… Well, it has been up, down and up again. Sometimes in circles. Or standstills. Through the seasons and countries, weddings and funerals. Dancing down the path and stumbling through the mud, celebrating tomorrows and trying to glue together todays – again, piece by piece. Pushing and pulling but not letting to fall. The roads haven’ t pampered us but then…we haven’ t been too sympathetic to them either. All those high-heels, wellies, sandals, leather boots – you name it! With conversations that hardly stopped and comfortable silences, understanding things before they were even said. Loving and hating others, while learning to appreciate ourselves. With many differences but also as many similarities. And always being there for each other, no matter what.

Walking is much more meaningful when there’ s somebody with whom you can simply be yourself. Without any need to keep up appearances or hide behind masks. Just walk through life like only friends can.

journey of life
despite the differences
friendship blossoms

Līgo Haibun Challenge

11 thoughts on “Līgo Haibun Challenge – Für Elisa

  1. Tatsat

    I don’t know what you call this technically ( haiku or something else ), but I really like when you write something. Have told you already, you should do this more often you know…

    Though, I might have contrasting views on the matter 😉 😉


    1. Thank you for the kind words, my friend! I am happy it “spoke” to you…in one or more ways. I like writing, especially, when the theme has just showed up out of the blue and urges to be written about. And even more – when somebody has enjoyed my thoughts or found them interesting. Somehow. 🙂 Quite busy times are right at the door but I hope I will still find a break for creativity over here, too.


  2. twoscamps

    This hit home with me, Ese. I spent time with my younger sister walking. We walked and talked today like only sisters can and our friendship blossomed once more. Thanks, Maureen


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  4. the connection you made about meeting on the stairs and how this relationship mirrored the actions of climbing up and down stairs – wonderful. a glimpse of friendship over time, thank you.


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