I Love You More Than Nature…


Quite some time ago on my blog I use to post poetry that was not mine but had caught my eye…or more precisely – touched strings of my heart in one way or another. When I read “I Love You More Than Nature” by a Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, it kept echoing on the back of my mind and now it is here…

I love you more than nature,
As you are nature yourself,
I love you more than freedom,
Without you it will imprison me.

I love you carelessly,
Like the abyss, without any ruts!
I love you more than possible,
More than impossible…I love you.

I love recklessly indefinitely.
Even boozing, even being rude.
And more than myself – that’s for sure.
Even more than just myself.

I love you more than Shakespeare,
More than the beauty of the whole world!
Even more than the world’ s music,
As you are the book and music yourself.

I love you more than fame,
Even far ahead in the future!
More than any rusty country
Because my Motherland is you, not her.

Are you unhappy? Asking to care?
Don’ t annoy God with such requests!
I love you more than happiness.
I love you more than love.

PS: One of the ways it has become when the words melted with music in the original – Russian version:

10 thoughts on “I Love You More Than Nature…

            1. In general I do, yes. Just with some travelling and huge load of work I haven’t been able to get to that properly for the past weeks, though looking forward to. Just checked – you have done it perfectly, thanks.


  1. Beautiful and touching link even I don’t understand the language – real love is the ultimative jump, where we with no ulterior motive giving away our feelings – only with the hope of retaliation by similar feelings coming the other way – many things in our lives it is to demand something in return principle – but not in the case of true love, it isn’t business – there we have to hope that we will get something in return – and when we do, so it’s amazing… 🙂 🙂


  2. Tatsat

    Most of it bounced over me 😉 But if you have seen the movies you make around here ( Bollywood, as it is called ), you will know why 😀

    PS- I love the poem. It is only the staunchest of cynics who are true believers, if you trust me on that 🙂


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