Carpe Diem Haiku *Volga River*

* * *
plum blossoms
carried by serene flow
old barge stuck in ice

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

And now – a bit longer PS: Being born in the ex USSR, I have grown up with a lot of the Soviet cinematography and must admit there have been many movies filmed at, on, around the Volga. Still I think it would be right to pick out particularly “The Volga Flows” (Течёт Волга) back from 1962 with the legendary song “The River Volga Flows” (Течёт река Волга). Among numerous interpretation of the song through the years the most popular became the one from 1963 by Russian singer Ludmila Zykina. Later on she even got a nickname “Miss Volga” because people associated her with this song very much.

Издалека долго                                          From far away
Течет река Волга,                                     The river Volga flows,
Течет река Волга                                      The river Volga flows
Конца и края нет.                                       Without beginning or end.
Среди хлебов спелых,                        Among the ripe crops,
Среди снегов белых                             Among the white snow,
Течет моя Волга…                                     My Volga flows…

17 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku *Volga River*

  1. Thanks for the context and I love this strong image. That’s why I decided to write my train journey around New York and places I know–I feel my haiku will be stronger that way and might perhaps share something of things I know with others who might not.


    1. My pleasure – really glad you enjoyed. It is so interesting to see the journeys of their own Carpe Diem Haiku writers have started because of the prompts this month. I am enjoying yours 🙂


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