Līgo Haibun Challenge – Quote Prompt

Another Friday has brought along also a new Līgo Haibun Challenge. Welcome everyone!

This week is quote week again. Please choose one of the following Russian proverbs:

The future is assured. It’s just the past that keeps changing.


The church is near but the road is all ice; the tavern is far but I’ll walk very carefully.

Let your imagination flow and use your haiku, as always, to compliment, interact with, add or contrast your prose, but not repeat it. Use symbolism as much as you want in your haiku – let your reader work it out. Just stay with things ‘as they are,’ and use nature as the backdrop. Avoid similes and metaphors, otherwise we drift into poetry, and try to avoid putting yourself into your haiku. Then break the rules. 

The quotes themselves are not expected to be part of your haibun.

Don’t forget to add your haibun to the Inlinkz collection, please! Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Līgo Haibun Challenge – Quote Prompt

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