There Are People…


Quite some time ago on my blog I use to post poetry that was not mine but had caught my eye…or, to be precise – had touched strings of my heart in one way or another. “There Are People” by Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis…you know, it just seems to hit the raw nerve when the world is out of balance.

There are people – very deep-hearted.
It almost seems they don’ t have heart at all.
Are they evil? Are they lovely?
When do they laugh? And when do they cry?

You thought you could cover the world with storms,
Dazzling joy, so painfully sharp!
Leaving and moving on, just later to notice –
Nothing has even happened yet.

There are people – very deep-hearted.
It seems they realise nothing at all,
But deep down inside love
Keeps breaking stones with bruised hands.

Bruised hands, without a single word
It breaks stones and crushes piece by piece.
It builds the world, destroys it
To rase and build all over again.

Where is your “love”, and where is your “want”?
Where is your tree, and where is your branch?
Where is your path to infinity?
Where is your plow and the one to plow?

Who are your friends, and whom do you love?
It seems you realise nothing at all.
There are people – very, very deep-hearted.
They laugh at you and they weep with you when you fall.


13 thoughts on “There Are People…

      1. There are just so many geniuses out there and we don’t know about them. Yet. Had it not been for you, I might not have known him either 🙂

        Will fish the internet for his works 😀


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