Carpe Diem Haiku *Yenisei River*

Bahtia is the taiga village on the Yenisei River (Енисе́й) where indigenous people live according to the laws of nature, their own values and cultural traditions, with their daily routine barely changed over the last century. There are no roads in the village and the movement takes place according to the “state” of the Yenisei – in sleighs (8 months a year there’ s the desert of ice around) or in boats. Post gets delivered once a week by a helicopter, the nearest doctor’ s office and police station is 150km (almost 94 miles) away down the river. No government, taxes or any social restrictions – only freedom. There are around 250 people in Bahtia and only 50 of them receive salary. All the others are into hunting (animal trapping) and fishing.

“Happy People” – that’ s the title a German film producer Werner Herzog came up with for his documentary about Bahtia. Why not? After all those are the last leftovers of the natural happy life, nowadays pretty much lost for and forgotten about by the European civilization.

* * *
samovar steam
dogs and snowshoes at the barn
ready to go
* * *

7 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku *Yenisei River*

  1. I watched that! The original documentary is 1 hour long. The trapper, the main character, is a very endearing guy. You supplied information here I didn’t know about though. I wonder if he got paid by the way, the one in the documentary. Usually not. Sure, judging by the nature of the man one would say there is a fair bet he would have turned it down, but still…


  2. A walk in haiku

    Thank you for sharing this information, Ese. I like your words “only freedom.” Leading a simple life, with no clutter and pretenses!


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