In Silence…


Sintija was a fighter. A beautiful young woman who faced cancer with amazing strenght and fought with all she had till the very last moment. Being diagnosed with terminal small cell ovarian cancer half a year ago, she was sure there had to be a way to beat the dreadful disease. In her early twenties, with so many dreams and strong determination to make them real – giving up wasn’ t even an option. She believed. We all did – with yet another chemo tried, with each new test results. Even through the last 2 weeks when doctors had given up and she was already moved from the hospital to a hospice. Sometimes it is almost impossible to stop believing in miracles and very difficult to face reality. 

Cancer hasn’ t been just a term in a dictionary for me for quite some time – I have learned years ago about how sneaky and cruel that monster is but desparately hoped this will be an exception. I was wrong, unfortunately. We lost Sintija early yesterday morning. Her little brother and sister think she now lives up on one of the stars and I would want to believe that very much.

Although sometimes not fair, life still is really precious and fragile, isn’ t it….

fleeting silhouette
in the end of empty street
raindrops keep falling

light of candle
more viable than the last hope
life interrupted

20 thoughts on “In Silence…

  1. You certainly brought tears to my eyes. The weight of it all sometimes seems unbearable and the reasons make no sense. I think the music you played is a beautiful way to remember.


  2. My sincere sympathy. I too lost a cousin (not as young but young enough) to the same issue. Her young daughter ended up being welcomed into her sisters family. May Sintija’s memories be for a blessing and may your loved one be a bright star in the night sky.


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