20 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Remote

  1. Wonderful captures – the 1st one reminds me of experiences from the norwegian skerries – the menu consists of freshly caught and cooked shrimp, whole lemons, mayonnaise, toast bread and chilled white wine – do it yourself food – a bit greasy – so afterwards you throw all your clothes and jump into the deep clear cool water – up again and let the sun dry the body – no doubt, this is one of those moments of happiness – which is so wonderful… 😀 😀

    Those who haven’t tried – do it – you’re worth it… 😀


    1. Thank you, Drake. The recipe sounds familiar and delicious, though must admit I have enjoyed it in Norway, in a house rather up in wintery mountains with a lot of snow around. Minus “freshly caught” and “jumping into the deep clear water” parts. 🙂 But true, the experience you mentioned is definitely magic and worth to be tried..


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