Travel Theme: Twist


Martenitsas – an ancient and beautiful Bulgarian tradition


Which way home? Norway


The White Dune at the Baltic Sea in Latvia


Twist a tongue, and tongue a twist how many twists can a tongue twister twist around their twisting tongue. If a tongue twister’s tongue could twist, how many twists would the tongue twister’s tongue twist while their tongue was a twisting. /G.K.Griswold/

Ailsa’s Travel Theme

12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Twist

  1. Excellent post,
    inspired me to find the old Chubby Checker hit on Youtube… 🙂

    Yeah round ‘n around ‘n up ‘n down we go again
    Oh baby make me know you love me so then
    Come on let’s twist again like we did last summer
    Yea, let’s twist again, twistin’ time is here


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