Thursday’s Special: Self-Portrait

Paula of Lost in Translation has found a way to make Thursdays more exceptional – with her “Thursday’ s Special” challenge.
This week we are invited to share a portrait photo, and I decided to go with a double self-portrait to finally reveal two of my alter egos here…


Using an alter-ego for emotional protection is like wearing an armour plated chef’ s apron at the front, while being completely naked at the back. /Michael Boag/

Short of inspiration? Look for more here:


9 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Self-Portrait

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  2. that is a funny interpretation, Ese 🙂
    but I like the alter ego concept explored in this amusing way 🙂
    I don’t perceive you as a kiddo (even more so the one from Monsters Inc. :D)… you are more like this elegant, intelligent and highly sensitive woman in my view… so this post makes me wonder how much our perception of ourselves differs from the way other people perceive us 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for those wonderful words, Alexandra – really uplifting, soothing for my self confidence 🙂 and truly appreciated.
      I have the feeling I am my toughest critic and, though there aren’t too much problems with self-assessment, still I definitely notice the details people probably don’t. The bad ones, of course, therefore it is really lovely when somebody else notices the positive ones instead. 🙂
      It’s all about perception…or most of it is, at least!

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