10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Of the night

    1. Thank you. There is a certain charm to the cities at night for me…the balance between the light and darkness, the things I probably wouldn’ t notice during the day… Yes, a walk through the city in the night really is lovely, Drake 🙂


  1. You took it in Marseille? Wow. I was there once very, very long time ago, and I could never know how romantic it looks at night. Thank you very much, Ese dear. I did not see a notification about your link before. I am sorry. Your post has made my day though 🙂


    1. Yes, right at the edge of the water – the only night I remembered to take camera with me 🙂 Darkness does add something special to the atmosphere of the city and allow us to notice something that the light…manages to hide. It does with me at least.
      Thank you very much for your words and inspiration! 🙂


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