8 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Companion

  1. Tatsat

    I have been trying to do this on a personal level. So far, it has been really difficult to ‘let the person be’.
    Very difficult, hence rare, thing to achieve in any relationship. Especially in the world of social media 😉


    1. But from a complete pessimist (aka realist) you have been changing…step by step therefore I would like to say there still is a hope, isn’t it? 🙂 Rare and difficult but still worth trying – not because of only this, still…


      1. Tatsat

        Well… There is hope. I mean there always is, till you…get married,maybe 😉 But on a serious note, I really do believe that you are right. It is possible, however difficult that might be.

        The journey from being a pessimistic person to being…this, has been fun, to say the least 🙂


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