Līgo Haibun Challenge – The Mountain Is Calling. A Love Confession


It is a choice between “Guitar” and “Mountain” on Līgo Haibun Challenge this week – it couldn’t be something else than the second one for me…

Do you know the feeling of falling in love from the first sight and realising it is for the rest of your life? I do. I know exactly how it feels…with hundreds of butterflies, fluttering their wings inside me every time we meet.

Today, wandering through memories, I try to remember how far back does our history go. Most probably it was the end of the 1980′ s, somewhere in Austria when I was swept off my feet by you for the very first time. In amazement and admiration, experiencing something I had just seen in movies and read about before. The majestic power only a mountain possesses – so raw, leaving footprints for the years yet to come. I have been fortunate enough to see you in many different moods – when the first buds of almond trees were just about to burst in spring, and looking over a hive of bees in a fragrant summer meadow. On a path, observing patiently the indecision of autumn leaves between ablush and golden. Yes, I also remember almost stoic peace of yours right in the middle of the white winter loneliness that for some reason you kept calling solitude. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Countries and borders.

your silhouette
in a pile of photos
disappears. appears

There have been times when you seemed so distant, almost unapproachable but we all have our moments, don’ t we? And after those magical hours, spent together awaiting for the first sunlight to caress your rugged cheek, a lot of other things just lost their importance. No matter in which corner of the world I have found myself, there has always been longing, a hope to see you. A curve. A peak. Even if only for a moment in a distance. Until we meet again.

heavy raindrops
drawing peaks on window pane
-mountains of memories

Līgo Haibun Challenge


25 thoughts on “Līgo Haibun Challenge – The Mountain Is Calling. A Love Confession

  1. Tatsat

    Fascinating epilogue…
    Yet to meet your eternal crush. Someday, very soon, I will- and then we will talk about it.
    Of course, there are Himalayas around here, but haven’t been there. Sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tatsat! Your words are always uplifting and with that healthy portion of humour that is really appreciated. 🙂
      Eternal crush – couldn’t have said better!
      For mountains there is always tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Next to today, of course 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. this is what I thought while reading it, that I haven’t read a longer piece than haiku from you… but it is just as beautiful 🙂 sometimes words escape us… and sometimes they are not enough…


    1. Thank you very much, Sue. Must admit the photo is from Norway but still is one of my favourite mountain shots ever so…well, couldn’t resist slipping it in.
      Reading your comment, I somehow remembered the stunning mountain shots from Banff National Park on your blog… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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