Carpe Diem Haiku *Sacred Arrow (Hamayumi or Hama Yumi)*

“Once upon a time” seems to be very much on place here since today’ s Carpe Diem prompt took me back to the time I was in the process of discovering the world of fairy tales. Having the patience and interest, I loved to sit on my grandfather’ s knees and listen to the magic stories from all over the world. They were never repeated, always felt too short and even today still are rather vivid in my memory. Like the Russian fairy tale “Царевна Лягушка” (“The Frog Princess”) – the well-known story about the king’ s three sons, shooting their arrows to find brides. Of course, Ivan – the youngest one, was the son whose arrow landed in a swamp, caught by a frog who turned out to be a princess. No, his only problem wasn’ t just to kiss the frog to live happily ever after – that would have been too simple, even for a fairy tale. Yet all the bad things came to an end, and the loving couple ruled the country till death did them part. Or it might have been just my imagination…

Tsarevna Lagushka

* * *
deep in the swamp
the royal frog with an arrow
holding kingdom’s fate

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai
Image courtesy of Google

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