Carpe Diem Time Glass *A Frog Jumps In*


I still remember the strong scent of lilacs, almost trapped in the sultry summer air that night. The pitch black sand still radiated afternoon heat in waves around my feet. I had walked for hours but maybe it was much less – any sense of time had disappeared. I didn’ t want to see or hear, I didn’ t need to think and I tried not to feel. Squatting on the ground at the pond, I wrapped arms around knees, tightly, trying to protect myself…from what? The world seemed so usual but empty and big. Too big.

I nursed my grief as the night embraced everything in the dark veil. Lights went out one after another, and the town had gained its peace. The moonlight was all there was left – like the last breath, still reaching out for life.

weeping willow
rigid over the murky water
silence of the frogs

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

logo cd time glass

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