Haibun Monday *The Path*


I have always thought there is nothing similar to the feeling of walking barefoot through a meadow on a summer morning when everything around is just about to wake up. The glistening dew drops, softly bending the blades of grass. Petals of the blossoms, still moist before opening and longing to be caressed by the first ray of light. The wonder to be a part of all that magic every step of the way is almost tingling – as nature’s energy flows in, resonating from toes through every cell of my body.
If there’s anything close to that experience, it is the touch of the beach. Either tiptoeing through the sun scorched sand to the edge of water or just enjoying the tickle and tease of waves. Whispering, alluring or maybe simply teaching to feel. Yes, to notice and understand, to admire, appreciate and never to destroy. Isn’t it one of the paths to find harmony – not only with people around but with nature and oneself in the first place? I am still learning that and, most probably, I always will. Without a pair of shoes, left somewhere far behind…

side by side
fresh footprints in the wet sand
-seagull’ s and mine

dVerse Poets Haibun Monday

Hamish Gunn *Aquila (Eagle) – a Haibun*

24 thoughts on “Haibun Monday *The Path*

  1. That’s my favorite time of the day and I can see myself walking barefoot on the beach and enjoying beauty of the waves ~

    I like that footprints of the seagulls and yours ….this means a kindred spirit to me ~

    Thanks for participating in our Haibun Monday ~


  2. Have you seen the movie Wild. Wonderful movie about a woman hiking the Pacific coast trail coming to grips with her mothers death and her divorce. The healing that can come when we are alone with nature. You took me the ‘re . Bare feet are definitely best


  3. Walking world feeling heArt
    deeply most arts misery.. Feeling
    eScape past foot prints.. human beach
    delight.. Farms travel on past relatives
    nose.. oxytocin receptors on feet will
    connect to earth for those baring feat..

    Naked beach
    lives home
    of US..:)


  4. Glenn Buttkus

    At the northern beaches of Western WA, we mix seagull with crow’s feet, & ours, as the tide slides over them leaving a fresh slate time after time. Barefoot in a mountain meadow, is closer to bliss for me, albeit at that early hour the mosquitoes rule.


  5. Beautiful! When I was a child, my mother was forever beseeching me to put some shoes on, I lived barefoot as much as possible. These days I have lost that habit, and you have made me want to find it once again.


  6. I loved this! That was quite a walk. Nothing like being on your own, in your own head with nothing but the sounds from nature to work out what ails you. And the topper…that haiku. Very nice!


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