The Danger Of Being Me


      that every journey begins with a single step, laughter really is contagious and family isn’t a word but a sentence;

      that there are no better antiques than old friends;

      in a difficult climb to earn the view from the top of the mountain;

      that when I am good I am very good, but somehow I seem to be better when I am bad;

      in „The God Of Small Things”, „The Kite Runner” , My Poor Marat” and „The Prophet” as much as I believe in „The Little Prince”;

      in coffee, green tea, caramel ice-cream and crème brûlée;

      in Indian summer, winter twilight and pouring rain;

      that rugby is like war – easy to start, difficult to stop and impossible to forget;

      in music of different forms, colours, tongues and rhythms;

       that it takes two to tango…

I am a Believer.

I think our days would be more meaningful if everyone believed in something. Either yourself, a flight to the Moon or simply tomorrow. Viva La Vida!

326 thoughts on “The Danger Of Being Me

      1. No worries, it was just a way of telling you that I truly enjoy what you write & photos you post!

        At least you know that everything you do is worthwhile 😉

        Have a great one & wish you all the best.

        Karla 😉


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  7. Hi Esenga, I had previous sent you an email. It was probably lost in spam. I wanted to thank you for selecting me as the winner of the Feb Ligo Haibun Challenge. Although every writer was good and some deserve it more, I appreciate your kind encouragement of my posts and the recognition. Thank you!


    1. Thank you very much, Padmini! Yes, I believe it has unfortunately been lost in spam and I am happy I can read it here. It is always a true pleasure to read your posts – the vivid, beautiful art you create with words. And I am looking forward readin more, of course. 🙂


      1. Coming from you, it is a wonderful compliment. You, Seedbud and Memoirs of a Dragon are some of my favourite writers in WP. Don’t know if Esenga is your username:) and thanks once again:)


  8. Lovely introduction! To be a believer is the only way to walk along the path…and who defines what one should believe is the believer first and foremost…and I too believe in “The Little Prince”, coffee, green tea, old and new friends…thanks for sharing this with us.


  9. Kim

    Hello Ese
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I’m always keen to see who my visitors are, and I’m certainly glad you said hello. I’ll enjoy returning to your world. 🙂
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.


  10. I love your intro “The Danger Of Being Me”. Or is the title “I believe” ?
    Anyway – it is great. And it reminded me of another very motivational “I believe…” not MLK, Jr – my favorite – right now it is just dancing in the back of my head…


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  13. Could not find your email or contact for so writing here.

    My friend and I will make a wall calendar “The Ubiquitous Fence 2014” (in Russian) where there will be 12 fences from all over the world. My friend will sponsor printing. The calendar will be distributed for free among our friends and business partners. A copy of it we’ll try to ship to you.

    I would like to have one of your fence photos. Spring, summer or autumn (winter is occupied)

    If you agree to have your photo in the calendar please send me the original and the following details.


    Time and place.

    Blog URL.

    You may add a short description of the photo.


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  15. Hi Esenga, Hope you are doing well. This is about the ligo haibun challenge. Pirate, Penny and I were wondering if you could join as a fourth host and judge. Do let us know if you are interested and have the time. Cheers, Nightlake


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  18. I wanted to thank you so much for your regualar likes on my blog. It is easy to feel alike one is talking to oneself in the vast cacaphony of the blogosphere and your regular likes let me know that there are people out there listening. Connections anchor one to the earth and enable belonging. Thanks for that. It would be so easy to drift away.


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