* * *
tepid and bittersweet
in the last sip of coffee
departing summer

the dance of a falling leaf
with a snowflake

a butterfly
under frozen lace of her wings
dreams of spring

* * *

As wonderful as it has been, the time has come for a break from blogging. Until…


Carpe Diem Modern Times Haiku *Richard Wright’s “an autumn evening”*

This time on Carpe Diem Modern Times Haiku we are introduced to haiku, written by a haiku poet Richard Wright (1908-1960):

* * *
no birds are flying;
the tree leaves are still as stone, –
an autumn evening

* * *

I tried not to wander too far from the same mood and spirit, writing mine:

* * *
heavy raindrops
running down the dark window pane
a small yellow leaf

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai