You Are In My September…


Indian summer in September…so bittersweet… It reminds me of a pinch of salt in a freshly cut wound – still open, still here and burning. Burning because it has always been too short. Because it has passed once again and because I want to believe summer is never supposed to end…

Carpe Diem’s “Remember This Music?”

The goal of this new feature on Carpe Diem is to write a four stanza renga, inspired on the song of our choice. I found it really challenging so here we go…

husky whispers
keeps tickling my ear
weariless till dawn

smell of diesel in the dust
deserts dream about untamed roads

“Thunderbird’ s” roar
before your silhouette 
in the doorway

unable to resist fervor
-slipping off my new red shoes

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Sunday Stills Challenge: Musical Groups or Songs as Pictures

Ed from Sunday Stills has come with a really fun&interesting theme this week – find pics that represent musical groups or songs as pics. Since I am all into music and have been for ages, this was a wonderful way to start the day, the week, the month!
And, instead of the guessing game, I decided to pair them up with the songs, so…simply enjoy the music… (sorry, Ed!).





Sunday Stills Challenge: Musical Groups or Songs as Pictures

Carpe Diem’s Little Ones *Shadorma*

Today our Carpe Diem host Chèvrefeuille has introduced “Shadorma” – a poetry form from Spain. Shadorma consists of a six-line stanza (or sestet), written in 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable form.There can be one stanza or an unlimited number of them (a series of shadormas) in a poem.

I decided to give it a try:

* * *
of ending summer
last tango
still echoes
between broken bar chair legs
burnt copper sunrise

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai