Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge – Continuous

My challenge is my passion – a photo you have taken and a quote, attributed to its author, and of course related to your image. Every week on Sunday I will post a new prompt. 

I want to thank my fellow bloggers who have already become a part of this challenge. Everyone’ s welcome to join! All you have to do is:

– create a post of your own with the title Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Continuous;
– include a link to this post also for others to find you.

Let your ideas flow and enjoy!  Ese

Prompt 19 – CONTINUOUS

Your life is built through a continuous practice of designing moment by moment. /M.Buckingham/ 

Looking at mine, there has always been

continuous_skysky above my head,

continuous_roadroad under my feet,

continuous_fam_friendsthe loved ones I can’t imagine my life without,

continuous_heartheart that treasures them all

continuous_open-mindand an open mind to the surprises every new day brings along

…as well as to your interpretations of the prompt!

Since this is the last prompt in 2013, I want to wish you all Happy New Year, full of love, joy, peace, creativity and everything else your hearts&souls are longing for.
Why in the good moments we want to look back? Probably to make sure that happiness will continue…