Carpe Diem Special *Adjei Agyei Baah’ s “Afrikuland”*

My inspiration on Carpe Diem Special this week was one of the haiku, written by Adjei Agyei Baah – a well-known poet from Ghana:

* * *
origami frog
frozen in its trail
no jump over the moon

* * *

Here’ s my attempt to stay close to the same mood and spirit:

* * *
frosty window pane
he draws the ancient patterns
dreaming of home

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

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Carpe Diem Haiku *First Dream (Hatsuyume)*

Hatsuyume is the Japanese word for the first dream of the New Year. Traditionally, the contents of the dream would foretell the luck of the dreamer in the ensuing year. In Japan, the night of December 31st was often passed without sleeping, thus the hatsuyume was often the dream seen the night of January 1st. This explains why January 2nd (the day after the night of the “first dream”) is known as Hatsuyume in the traditional Japanese calendar.

* * *
bullet-pierced walls
filled with children’ s laughter
only in dreams

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

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Carpe Diem Special *Tomas Tranströmer’s “a mother of stone“*

This week’ s inspiration on Carpe Diem Special is a haiku, written by Tomas Tranströmer while he worked in Hällby Youth Prison (1959):

* * *
Night—a twelve-wheeler
goes by making the dreams of
the inmates shiver

* * *
The boy drinks his milk
and sleeps cozy in his cell,
a mother of stone

* * *

Our host Chèvrefeuille has combined “Carpe Diem Special” challenge with another one – “Romancing the haiku”, making our task this time a bit more difficult. Here’ s my attempt to complete it – to write a romantic haiku, staying close to the mood and spirit of T.Tranströmer’ s:

* * *
entwined in moonlight
running fingers through her hair
-dreams behind bars

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

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Līgo Haibun Challenge – Once Upon A Time


There is a choice between two photos on the Līgo Haibun Challenge this week and my thoughts ended up wandering around this one…

Once upon a time I believed in so many things…naively and innocently. The good always winning over the evil. In dragons, magic power and super heroes. That animals could speak and the golden fish could grant wishes. In mermaids being able not only to swim but also to walk. The Snow Queen turning somebody’ s heart in ice. That it takes a single kiss to wake one up from a hundred years long sleep. In happily ever after. What a wonderful world to live in…

Now, looking back at those days, I can see how much has changed. The veil of magic has been torn off for good, and invisible, yet thick walls created around instead. To protect but from what? My own doubts and fleeting faith? Limping dreams? Disbalance between fake and real? Not losing myself? Who knows… Who knows how much those walls have been able to rescue and, more importantly, how much has managed to survive inside them. I didn’ t ask for those changes years brought along but then nobody does. Life simply happens…just like that. And no matter how hard we would try to remain the same, that is the battle that never can be won.

Yes, once upon a time I believed…and then I grew up. Fortunately, there still are moments when I am suddenly reminded about not losing my sense of wonder, still holding onto belief and being able to appreciate the surprises life brings along. I try my best to not let it go. Even if naively…

no more fairytales
hidden between daily routines
another leap of faith

Līgo Haibun Challenge

Līgo Haibun Challenge – Promise Me Nothing

4157929_orig_1Photo by Ines Williamson

It was a choice between 2 photos on the Līgo Haibun Challenge this week. Since we have just stepped into a New Year, my preference happened naturally…

Walking from the old year into a new one is almost like a walk across a bridge. As short. Or as long. Full of hopes about what is waiting there, on the other side. Memories and thoughts about what has been left behind. A hinge of sadness, a sparkle of joy. Mind full of probabilities and possibilities. Or maybe empty. As empty as possible not to drag along the old negativity, offenses and quarrels. Not only ready once again to accept once the well – known things but also open for surprises. More peace and less fuss. Or the other way around. More smiles and less tears. The ones when heart is wrenching in sadness, not the ones of joy – there can never be too much of the latter ones. And promises. The ones I make to somebody else and the ones made to myself. Plenty of resolutions. About aiming higher, being better, reaching more. Wanting more. Deserving more? Why? Just because I am crossing the bridge? Because in a couple of seconds instead of “13” there is “14” in the numerals of the year? Was I so useless all 365 days before the 1st of January? Does the fact that year is changing really changes me, too? Who am I trying to fool?

There’ s a belief I have heard about. About crossing the bridge one never has before, wishing for something and it would come true. So, crossing this bridge I wish to promise myself nothing. Nothing but simply being myself – for better or for worse but to stay true to the way I am, what I believe in. Everything else? Changes will come, either I want it or not and, being myself, I will be able to face them. Like I always had to. Like I always have. More or less. Before and after every new bridge.

for better or worse
I promise myself nothing
year is still young

Līgo Haibun Challenge