Friday Fictioneers: 100-Words Story Challenge *Best Kept Secret*


He kept me hidden. Nobody knew I was here, and I had no clue where “here” was. Nor how much time had passed since I woke up in this room for the first time. Months? Years? My memories were imprisoned to make any sense. I had become a part of these pale walls, the creaking wooden floor and the ceiling, held together by cobwebs in each corner. Everything but the door. His door.

My only connection to the world outside was a tiny window. The dusty glass eye I could reach only tip-toeing to peek at the well-known squares all over again. Recounting them. Hoping for a single soul to appear but there was none. Not until her.

Image courtesy of Dawn Q. Landau

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-Words Story Challenge *A Touch Of Mystery*


My fear of dentists, cemented deep down inside during the years of the Soviet childhood, slowly started to disappear with each new visit to his practice. Like tartar from teeth – step by step until there was nothing left to worry about.
Almost hypnotised I looked at his muscular arms in the tone of warm bronze, admiring how gentle and attentive they turned out to be. An experience to be enjoyed.
There was only one thing that made me wonder – my missing panties after every anesthesia. I kept returning to try to solve this mystery one day…

Image courtesy of Ted Strutz

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – Sounds Of Love


“Where did I go wrong?” he kept asking himself, looking down at the keyboard. Or what was left of it. Things had seemed so perfect. Every single feeling that had vibrated inside him while writing “Sounds of Love”, echoed through her fingertips as they danced gracefully over the black and white keys. Her quiet smile, the tantalizing way she played with a lock of hair as he told about the significance of muse in composer’ s life. His special someone, the mysterious girl from the house across the street who had been inspiration for all of his creations…. CRACK! The synthesizer had just hit the wall as he heard her footsteps halfway down the stairs.

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – Walking Away


“Why?” was the only thing running through my mind, searching for the meaning. Any. But I should have known there was none. I should have realized all his collections from garbage dumps were the memories thrown out by others. Unspoilt childhoods, uninterrupted school years, enduring love; all unburnt objects, unbroken, possessed by happiness.

I hadn’t understood that he couldn’t afford to remember, that he needed to forget the ones of his own. It was still all there, as if it was yesterday – cries, gunshots, cracking bones, the smell of smoke. And then screaming silence through the years.

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – I Believe I Can Fly


“I think I have never really had time to notice the beauty, ” she thought, looking up, “but now…finally I can. Properly. That architect must have been insane – in a beautiful way, of course. Just like me. That’ s what they all said and wanted me to believe at least. “Different” was the word they used politely but I heard also “Cuckoo” and “Mad cow” whispered behind my back. What is so wrong with being different? Why mad? Because I always thought I could fly?! But I was right, wasn’t I?”

The pool of blood kept drawing surreal shapes around her head, on the street…

Image courtesy of Kent Bonham

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories


Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – The Fence


Everything was up to me now.
“You’ll know which one it is when you lay eyes on it.” He’d said urgently, “we had to bury them somewhere quickly that was recently dug.”
The conversation was cut: ”The caller you are trying to reach…”
I had to do it today or it might be too late. The heist had gone well, but they were still in hiding.
Biting my nails, I scanned the house ads in the dusty window…one, another…until YES! I couldn’t stop smiling…he knew how much I hated those clinically white fences…
“Could you prepare the sales documents?”
“Now ma’am?”
“Now! Immediately!”

Image courtesy of Janet Webb

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge – You Can Leave Your Hat On


“Haven’ t I left my wallet here?”
I turned around thinking: “Couldn’ t you really come up with a better pick-up line for a TAX-FREE shop girl?!” but he did look confused. AND handsome. “Mmm, the uniform…”
“Black leather…with a zipper in front…”
I started looking all over the cash register and could already feel those images slowly forming in my mind – a cup of coffee followed by a hotel room and me in the bed with just his pilot hat on all ready to…
“Hello? You did?! You’ re a star, babe!” He put his mobile in the pocket, winked and was gone.

Image courtesy of Rich Voza

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge

picture_copyright-claire-fullerCopyright – Claire Fuller

“No…You can’ t do this!”
She was not herself anymore. His gentle model, his muse with that shy smile had burst in rage.
“How could you…it’ s your face, YOURS! After putting up with your model’s “accidental” touches behind me…and now THIS!”
He thought she would be happy. He thought she would finally see…
“You can’ t bring it there tomorrow!”
“But it’ s my central piece…” he started, hoping she would understand…
Her eyes, always so warm, were like ice picks, relentless.
“But why…”
“Curator of your exhibition – my husband! How for goodness sake will I explain THIS?!”

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word stories