Carpe Diem Haiku *Iwamoto-ji (Temple 37)*

And so the Carpe Diem Haiku Shikoku Pilgrimage continues…along the Shimanto River all the way to the Iwamoto-ji Temple, devoted to the Five Great Buddhas of Wisdom. All Five Buddhas have their own complete capability system to overcome a particular evil with a particular good.

* * *
down to the river
pilgrim’s feet seek cool release
mind can’t stop walking

* * *
temple of five buddhas
perplexed among statues
before whom to bow first

* * *
good against evil
cat lurks in shadows of temple yard
bird’ s final song

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Līgo Haibun Challenge – Unexpectedly Expected


This week there are two prompts for the Līgo Haibun Challenge:
Water       or       Order.
And it came to me – maybe not so much in order at once but step by step…

It was snowing as I left early this morning. Slowly, with the plume alike snowflakes – not dancing playfully but almost certain about where they were supposed to land and going for it. A bit surreal with pitch blackness all around, smoothened by something so white and pure. A hope, a promise that there’ s always light in the end of every tunnel.

from caresses of snowflakes
my heart melts

For better or worse, that was not about to last. I was dragged back into another reality the moment I hit the road. Away from the fluffy dream-land into the late autumn day with heavy clouds of that dirty lead grey color. Growing, impatient to burst, yet constantly pushed around by indomitable wind until it finally happened. The inevitable – raindrops crushing against the windshield one after another. Creating the mysterious patterns that were supposed to lull my thoughts again before the pace was changed. Gaining power, they seemed eager to break through the glass, angrily. If there was even a tiny chance they could, they would have. Especially after the rain had turned into the grains of hail. Like frozen teardrops one would like to hide but not knowing how and why, so they kept rolling…

An hour later on my way back home there it was – the culmination of the day. A double rainbow in the clear blue sky, the one that can make the toughest sceptics to believe in wonders. Even if only for a moment. And it crossed my mind there was something of a woman in all of this nature’ s almost desparate attempt to be noticed. Moody and capricious, craving for attention, continuing to fail but not giving up. A touch difficult, often unexpected and unexplainable, like all seasons taking their course at once, still able to surprise. In the best possible way.

After all it is the natural order of the world – sooner or later something good will follow something bad. Either we believe it or not.

one day
for winter to turn into spring
(un)natural order

Līgo Haibun Challenge