Carpe Diem Haiku *Kirov*


Name of Kirov brings back memories about something bright and colourful – Kirov toys/Dymkovo toys (Kировская игрушка/Дымковская игрушка). They are moulded painted clay figures of people and animals (sometimes in the form of a pennywhistle) that in the beginnings were strongly connected to the ancient magic ritual images and the agricultural calendar holidays. Just later on they became toys for children, still being very original pieces of art. In the late 19th century the handicraft fell into decline because the Dymkovo toys were forced out of the market by the factory-made moulded plaster statuettes, imitating porcelain articles. Fortunately, during the Soviet times the Dymkovo handicraft was revived.

* * *
brighter than sunlight
reflections of childhood memories
in dusty shop window

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

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