You Are In My September…


Indian summer in September…so bittersweet… It reminds me of a pinch of salt in a freshly cut wound – still open, still here and burning. Burning because it has always been too short. Because it has passed once again and because I want to believe summer is never supposed to end…

Carpe Diem’s “Remember This Music?”

The goal of this new feature on Carpe Diem is to write a four stanza renga, inspired on the song of our choice. I found it really challenging so here we go…

husky whispers
keeps tickling my ear
weariless till dawn

smell of diesel in the dust
deserts dream about untamed roads

“Thunderbird’ s” roar
before your silhouette 
in the doorway

unable to resist fervor
-slipping off my new red shoes

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Sunday Stills Challenge: Musical Groups or Songs as Pictures

Ed from Sunday Stills has come with a really fun&interesting theme this week – find pics that represent musical groups or songs as pics. Since I am all into music and have been for ages, this was a wonderful way to start the day, the week, the month!
And, instead of the guessing game, I decided to pair them up with the songs, so…simply enjoy the music… (sorry, Ed!).





Sunday Stills Challenge: Musical Groups or Songs as Pictures

Līgo Haibun Challenge – Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…

It is a choice between “bridge” and “fountain” on Līgo Haibun Challenge this week and quite naturally I ended up with the first one…

There’ re so many bridges around – the visible and invisible ones. Connecting places, people and even incompatible things. Teaching and challenging or simply letting to enjoy.

Music is one of those bridges and it reaches us from everywhere. From the waves, curling around the sandcastles. The playful breeze, running through branches and leaving soft whispers behind. The buzz of bees in splendor of a meadow. From clattering of storks and songs of cicadas. An echo, leaving and returning to the sun glazed mountain top. From the way a sudden storm hits the city and droplets hiss on ignited cobblestones. From cherries, bursting on tongue and inevitable dripping of ice-cream through fingertips. From laughter and conversations, lasting long after sunset. And even from warm, comfortable silence…

bridge of rainbow
droplets play a song
on wind chimes

sultry night
cicadas and me
on the same wavelength

Līgo Haibun Challenge

PS: Since I had a “clean” musical post on mind when I started to write, I still will attach another Fabulous Five (bridges) of mine here –  the summery ones. They still seem to fit the theme…

Carpe Diem Haiku *Dawn*


“At The Dawn” – song by E.Grishkovets&Brainstorm:

No, no, I already know…I know that my youth is over. Right now all I can do is remember. But I remember that back in my youth I did not feel happy. I felt quite the opposite – that it was complicated, nobody understood me, didn’ t hear me…but now I know: back there and then it was happiness. Though in those days I knew nothing. And waited for something! And I had the feeling somebody was calling me…

At the dawn voices are calling me…

And what was I waiting for? I waited for an amazing destiny, unique life. I wanted to feel everything, to try everything – so much and as soon as possible. I could walk down the street with my reflections in the windows and hope strongly that somebody will fall in love with me and is waiting out there…for me. I could also stay awake till the morning thinking and feeling that very soon, already this morning, so soon … soon …

At the dawn voices are calling me…

And there, in my youth, when I looked at the morning mist over the river as I was returning home in an early hour through the sleeping city, it always seemed to me, or more like, I was sure that they were calling me … particularly me…

At the dawn voices are calling me…

Youth is gone… But life goes on. It gives us moments of happiness, and tries to break us now and then… The multi-faceted life. And after ten years, we realize that we have been happy, but haven’ t noticed it…yet again. We should simply appreciate it right here and right now, for what it is … Life itself is happiness…

* * *
in mist of awaking city
dreams of my youth

* * *

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai